Our goal is to improve logistics outside city centers and accelerate the growth of sustainable mobility.


Our system will reduce the overall delivery costs of daily mail and packages in the countryside significantly. At the same time it is possible to offer a higher level of service. Customers will get their newspapers and packages in their backyards and they arrive faster. Most importantly, our aircraft can reduce the carbon footprint of countryside last mile deliveries significantly.
Watch our three minute presentation film here.

Pilot projects

We are currently piloting delivery of newspapers with the biggest Finnish media groups.
Our goal is to start commercial pilots in Finland in 2022.


Our patent applications are related to the thrust vector control of our twin motor aircraft and the operation of its cargo space. We were recently granted our first patent from the United States and the European Union. The picture on the right is from our second patent application (for flying taxis etc).

Due to the unique structure solutions our aircraft is probably the cheapest, the greenest and the fastest method in the world to deliver a small package from point to point within 50 km distance.


Range 40 – 90 km depending on the payload. Efficient cruise speed 90 km/h.

We are currently working on the system to make it market-ready, but also on improvements to lengthen the range and increase the payload capacity of the standard version of our aircraft. If requested, we can also modify our aircraft to carry much heavier payloads or reach flying speed of more than 250 km/h.

About us

We began to build our first aircraft in a garage in Lentola, Kangasala in 2016. Two domestic investors got interested in the project during the following year and Lentola Logistics Oy was established. We executed our first complete flight in 2018.


Lentola Logistics Oy

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